We helped lots.

You could be the one too.

Nurture Charity was established in 2018. It is an organization under Eternal International Foundation. With the philosophy of “what is taken from the society, will be given to the society”, we hope that we can unite the power of charitable persons and lend their hands for those who is needed. Nurture Charity has spread the seeds of love from Malaysia to China, Taiwan, Indonesia and other places with various charitable activities.

Through visiting and conducting community charitable activities, we invite the public to help the underprivileged groups together and share their love with them. By spreading the spirit of one love, we would grow and cultivate a caring society together with the public.

2016, Eternal International Foundation was formed and registered with Jabatan Pendaftaran Pertubuhan Malaysia formally. With the knowledge of social structure and global economy, Eternal International Foundation would gather talents and resources to contribute to the society.

About Our Culture
Cultivate Love with Heart, Cultivate Society with Love

Let the underprivileged children thrive in love, so much so that they will able to make their contribution to society with affection in future. Pillars of the future need our cultivation; helpless seniors need the illumination of love to rejuvenate their spirit for challenges.
About Core Value
Spread the Warmth of Love

The shine of love will become more dazzling because the spirit of love cultivation is eternal. Together, we activate the social welfare activities to build a better world; together, we share the love with underprivileged groups to warm their heart.