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Knowledge is the greatest tool for disadvantage children to break down barriers and lead to a better future. Therefore, education is a very important part for growing up children. Nurture Charity aims to provide help for these children during their learning.

Through school campus, Nurture Charity provide lectures and camps of different topic, to develop children’s mindset to become more mature and responsible. Apart from that, Nurture Charity also offers character education courses for students to share their ethics.

Except from academic, we also help students in their extracurricular activities to achieve extraordinary achievement. For instance, Nurture Charity sponsored the primary school students of SK Covent Infant Jesus 1 in Malacca to participate a world-class autonomous robot competition in China. A total of 61 countries participated in the competition. These students utilize their excellent creativity and won themselves 1st runner-up in this global competition.

In addition, Nurture Charity provides disadvantages children that lack of education an opportunity to learn English language by organizing English classes. Fun and interesting methods helps these children to absorb and learn English more effectively.

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