Charity Fundraising Platform
• Charity Project
• Application Form / Email
• Terms and Conditions
• When the sponsor chooses the “Consent Contract Proposal” or writes in writing, he/she will sign it with the sponsor. The sponsor is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to all the terms of this contract.
• Submit an application
• Review and filter the project
• Sign the agreement
• Start online fundraising
• Clear the funds raised after the date
• Transfer the funds to the project organizer
• Execute the project
• Update the project progress
• Summary report Yuai
Charity – Fundraising Platform
• Yuai Charity designed this online fundraising platform to help fund charity projects. The main purpose of this program is to help non-profit organizations effectively connect donors with disadvantaged groups that need help.
• Fundraising organizers can post fundraising events on this platform. Yuai Charity will act as an intermediary, connecting project organizers, donors and beneficiaries. Yuai Charity will filter every item and then publish the relevant items online to the public for donation.
General Rules and Regulations
• Applicant Qualifications: Legally registered non-profit organizations
• All information provided must be correct and legal
• Only allowed for charitable fundraising purposes
• Yuai Charity will provide a record of all donations in the platform
• Donations The funds will be transferred to the project organizer according to the date of the agreement.
• 35% of the donated items will be deducted as operating expenses.
• The project organizer needs to update the progress of the project through the platform.
• A summary report of the project must be submitted.